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Packaging materials


Polypropylene tape
Polypropylene tape guarantees the highest degree of stretchability and resistance. These tapes are applied in many industries, both in machines packing automatically and in non-automatic packing.
Available dimensions:
9055; 12055; 12060; 12080; 16060; 16080; 16100; 19090


Polyester tape PET
Polyester tapes PET aim at replacing steel tapes. Unique properties of polyester make it one of the best material for tying any kind of packages.



Stretch foil
Manual, for machines, mini rap

Adhesive tapes
Self-adhesive tape with glue: caoutchouc, synthetic rubber, acrylic in transparent or brown colour


Steel tape
Width 13 mm to 32 mm, for packing heavy ceramic, construction goods etc.


Plastic angles
Angles prevent goods from being crushed by packaging tapes, and protect edges. Edges of angles ensure that packaging tape does not slide down.



Wire clasps
Clasps made of steel with special properties, suitably profiled for polypropylene and polyester tapes. Applied for tapes wide 8-32 mm.


Polypropylene clasps
It helps to join light goods. It endures the load to 100 kg. Applied for tapes wide 9-16mm.


Steel clasps
Clasp made of high quality steel. Inside part of steel is perforated in order to protect clasps from pushing out.

Packaging equipment

Tightener H21
Tightener H21 is used for tightening polypropylene and polyester tapes, accompanied by steel or plastic clasps.


Straper XL
Straper XL is used for clasping polypropylene tapes with steel clasps



Unwraper for tapes
It is used for transporting tapes for the place of packaging. It has a container in which clasps and binder can be placed.


Unwraper for steel tapes
It is used for transporting tapes for the place of packaging. Truck is used for tapes wide 9-20 mm.

Self-adhesive tape dispenser