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  • Odporniejszy surowiec (Kurier Drzewny)

    Drewno po suszeniu wysokotemperaturowym można stosować zarówno we wnętrzach, jak i na zewnątrz. Wewnątrz nadaje się doskonale na meble (...), w przypadku zastosowań zewnętrznych można stosować jako okładzinę, meble ogrodowe, elementy okien, czy żaluzje.


Czech company KATRES has been producing wood dryers since 1991. Manufacturing encompasses 70 convective chambers of dimensions 6-200 m3 netto charge. Every dryer is controlled by computer by means of new automatic program of regulation MK420.


Program of production

1. Convective chambers

  • Dimensions: 6-200 m3
  • 70 typical chambers
  • Controlled by the newest computer program of regulation MK420
  • Program is applied for 19 types of wood
  • Dryers can be additionally equipped with:
  • Warm air recuperator
  • Frequency converters
  • GSM moduls (connection with service)


2. Wood scalder PK

  • Capacity:  20-100m3
  • Automatic control by means of regulation system MK-60


3. Chambers for thermal modification of wood KHT

  • Volume 15 and 30 m3
  • Automatic control MK-800
  • Every type of wood can be modified
  • Technology can be accompanied by module of afterburning of gases, which is approved by Polish norms of clean air